Insufficient permissions for your Amazon Advertising account can cause trouble retrieving the advertising costs in your P&L. Your sync banner won't disappear until the permissions are corrected.

To fix this, just update your Amazon Advertising account/console permissions for the specific Amazon store. You can follow the simple steps below:

1. Login at

2. In the left side panel, click the Access and Settings icon.

3. Click the user you'd like to edit the Permissions for. Here's an example:

4. You'll see the Manage Permissions screen like this:

5. Expand Customize access then assign View or View and Edit permissions under Campaign Manager, Billing History, and Advertising Reports.

Here is an example of the permissions screen within the Amazon Advertising console:

6. Click Save permissions in the upper right corner.

If you encounter any issues, feel free to reach out and we're happy to walk you through this process.

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