Here's the step-by-step process of how to connect your MyDeal store to the MerchantSpring Marketplace Manager:

1. Contact your MyDeal account's Onboarding or Account Manager.

2. Ask them to generate a production API token for MerchantSpring for you.

3. Log in to your MerchantSpring Marketplace Manager account.

4. Click "Add Store" from the main menu, then click on "Search for marketplaces". Type "MyDeal" and click the result.

5. Input your MyDeal Seller ID, Seller Token, and the name you would like to set for your MyDeal store within the Marketplace Manager. Click the "Connect" button.

6. After this screen, your MyDeal store will be connected to the Marketplace Manager and will start syncing data. Congratulations!

If you need any help just say hi in chat, or book time with us here. We’ll set up a screen share and do it with you.

If you have any other questions, just let us know. We're always happy to help!

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