At first glance, it may seem that orders and average order value reported by MerchantSpring do not match those reported in the Sales Dashboard inside Amazon Seller Central.

The reason for this is that Amazon does not report the number of orders as a metric.

Instead, Amazon reports Total order items and Avg. sales/order item.

Orders and order items are two separate metrics that cannot be compared directly.

Orders in MerchantSpring counts the number of transactions. The Order items metric in Seller Central counts the number of unique line items (ASINs) included in those orders.


A transaction where a customer orders 3 units of ASIN A and 5 units of ASIN B is reported as follows:

  • Orders = 1

  • Order Items = 2

  • Order Quantity = 8

Similarly, the Average Order Value in MerchantSpring, and the Avg. sales/order item are different metrics and cannot be compared.

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